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Jewelers' Circular Keystone (JCK) Magazine

This article appeared in the October 1999 issue of Jewelers' Circular Keystone (JCK) Magazine:

Still using the old sticker plots for your appraisals? Then you're stuck behind the times. Jewelers who use plotting diagrams to note inclusions during take-in procedures or appraisals commonly use rubber stamps, stick-on diagrams, or preprinted forms. None of these methods provides you with all the common diamond-cutting styles, so jewelers end up modifying the diagram by hand or writing complicated descriptions of the diamond.

JCK Now, thanks to appraiser William Hoefer of Hoefer's Gemological Services in San Jose, Calif., you can get "unglued." With a software program called "Perfect Diagram," you can print any of the more than 300 diagrams provided on the disk directly onto your own stationery.

If you wonder whether it really works, consider this. The American Gem Society Laboratory uses Perfect Diagram for its diamond-grading reports. AGS is suggesting that its entire membership use the program.

The diagrams include round brilliants, cushions, heart shapes, marquises, ovals, pears, rectangular cuts, square cuts, triangles, step cuts, patented cuts, and even rose cuts. Need a briolette diagram, a Firerose, or a seven-main pear with a French tip? It's all right there.

The software runs with any program that can support a .wpg extension. The software costs $160, which includes shipping. You can find out more about Hoefer's Perfect Diagram at his Web site,

        -Gary Roskin

Note: Since this article was published, my location has changed to Tampa, Florida. The extension was revised to .wmf from .wpg. Lastly, the number of diagrams has increased to 2500 plus with no increase in price ($150.00 if it is downloaded instead of shipped - except for Florida in which sales tax applies).

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