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Charles Ellias

Charles Ellias of North American Lapidary Laboratory, in Birmingham, MI wrote us this letter:

Charles Ellias

Let this letter serve as a testimonial for perfect diagram software. I exclusively use Perfect Diagram Software in my laboratory and have for 10 years. It is not only accurate in proportion and facet arrangements but it is also the most comprehensive database available. Unlike most products available today which are issued and rarely ever updated, perfect diagram is continuously updated with new facet arrangements. As a laboratory that issues reports on not only diamonds but also color I would be lost with out it. Perfect Diagram imports easily into all word processing programs and is extremely easy to navigate through as well as to mix and match crown and pavilion diagrams.

I highly recommend this product to anyone in the industry for appraisal and laboratory work.

Charles M. Ellias GG ISA CAPP President - North American Lapidary Laboratory


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