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Geoffrey L. Schultz

Geoffrey L. Schultz of Commonwealth Gemological Laboratory, in Glen Allen, VA wrote us this letter:

Commonwealth  Gemological  Laboratory "Dear Mr. Hoefer:

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your product, Perfect Diagram. I use it every day, doing jewelry and gem appraisals.

I use Perfect Diagram with Quantum Leap Software and I have used it to develop marketing tools for my business, brochures, informational articles for local newspapers and schools.

Anybody that performs appraisals can use Perfect Diagram to enhance their work. It works seamlessly with Quantum Leap software. If you do not have appraisal software and just use a word processor you can print up plots as you need them on sticky labels and apply them by hand.

The best two things about Perfect Diagram are its ability to be sized and moved anywhere on the appraisal document or any other word document.

Please sign me up for any new versions of Perfect Diagram and take the rest of the week off to go fishing."

Thank you,

Geoffrey L. Schultz

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