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We take your diamond plotting needs as seriously as you do.
Perfect Diagram shows just how serious we are!

Are you ready to improve your appraisal and laboratory reports? Then you have landed in the right place.

Plot DiagramingPerfect Diagram is an electronic gallery of precision gemstone cuts that place 2500 plus diagrams at your fingertips. Render professional appraisal reports with plotting diagrams published from within your word processor. These are crisp and clean looking - not a collection of scanned or paint program rendered drawings with jagged lines but mathematically precise drawings.

If you are frustrated in not having a plot to match the diamond, then Perfect Diagram is for you.

Need a round brilliant with a medium culet and 58% table? Need it with a pointed culet and a 71% table? Perfect Diagram is your answer.

Need an old European cut diamond? Need a princess cut diamond? Perfect Diagram has these, variations of them and lots more.

If you are using stickers, rubber stamps or scanned images - throw them away when you acquire Perfect Diagram.

System requirements: A PC compatible computer, Word for Windows® or any word processor that can use the .wmf file extension.

What is your investment? The full set is only $150.00. If you want to have a CD shipped, add $10.00 for shipping and handling within the United States. We suggest you arrange a download and avoid the shipping fees.

Use the menu above to download a set of ten samples to try. If you have problems downloading the sample set, then contact us and we will send a set by email.

Have questions? Feel free to call us at 813 431-3237 or if you have Skype: Skype Button

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