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What is being Said about Perfect Diagram

Jewelers' Circular Keystone (JCK) Magazine

This article appeared in the October 1999 issue of Jewelers' Circular Keystone (JCK) Magazine:

Still using the old sticker plots for your appraisals? Then you're stuck behind the times. Jewelers who use plotting diagrams to note inclusions during take-in procedures or appraisals commonly use rubber stamps, stick-on diagrams, or preprinted forms. None of these methods provides you with all the common diamond-cutting styles, so jewelers end up modifying the diagram by hand or writing complicated descriptions of the diamond.

JCK Now, thanks to appraiser William Hoefer of Hoefer's Gemological Services in San Jose, Calif., you can get "unglued." With a software program called "Perfect Diagram," you can print any of the more than 300 diagrams provided on the disk directly onto your own stationery.

If you wonder whether it really works, consider this. The American Gem Society Laboratory uses Perfect Diagram for its diamond-grading reports. AGS is suggesting that its entire membership use the program.

The diagrams include round brilliants, cushions, heart shapes, marquises, ovals, pears, rectangular cuts, square cuts, triangles, step cuts, patented cuts, and even rose cuts. Need a briolette diagram, a Firerose, or a seven-main pear with a French tip? It's all right there.

The software runs with any program that can support a .wpg extension. The software costs $160, which includes shipping. You can find out more about Hoefer's Perfect Diagram at his Web site,

        -Gary Roskin

Note: Since this article was published, my location has changed to Tampa, Florida. The extension was revised to .wmf from .wpg. Lastly, the number of diagrams has increased to 2500 plus with no increase in price ($150.00 if it is downloaded instead of shipped - except for Florida in which sales tax applies).

Geoffrey L. Schultz

Geoffrey L. Schultz of Commonwealth Gemological Laboratory, in Glen Allen, VA wrote us this letter:

Commonwealth  Gemological  Laboratory "Dear Mr. Hoefer:

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your product, Perfect Diagram. I use it every day, doing jewelry and gem appraisals.

I use Perfect Diagram with Quantum Leap Software and I have used it to develop marketing tools for my business, brochures, informational articles for local newspapers and schools.

Anybody that performs appraisals can use Perfect Diagram to enhance their work. It works seamlessly with Quantum Leap software. If you do not have appraisal software and just use a word processor you can print up plots as you need them on sticky labels and apply them by hand.

The best two things about Perfect Diagram are its ability to be sized and moved anywhere on the appraisal document or any other word document.

Please sign me up for any new versions of Perfect Diagram and take the rest of the week off to go fishing."

Thank you,

Geoffrey L. Schultz

Mark Cartwright

Mark Cartwright of Sapphire Sky Gem Lab in Fayetteville, Arkansas wrote the following letter to us about Perfect Diagram:

Mark Cartwright

As a professional appraiser, my reports have to reflect the care and attention to detail my clients deserve and expect. With your Perfect Diagram software I can precisely match nearly every diamond my clients bring me and provide them with a clean, professional report. I can't imagine appraising diamonds without it. Great job Bill, and thanks again for the updates.

Mark T. Cartwright, GG (GIA), CGA, ISA-AM, APPA

Bernard Doris

Bernard Doris of Doris Diamonds, in Augusta, GA wrote us this letter:

Bernard Doris Sign "Perfect Diagram is an incredibly effective way for any appraiser to add a plot into their appraisals. I'm definitely using it every day and I only wish I had found it years ago."

Bernard Doris, Jr. CGA


Charles Ellias

Charles Ellias of North American Lapidary Laboratory, in Birmingham, MI wrote us this letter:

Charles Ellias

Let this letter serve as a testimonial for perfect diagram software. I exclusively use Perfect Diagram Software in my laboratory and have for 10 years. It is not only accurate in proportion and facet arrangements but it is also the most comprehensive database available. Unlike most products available today which are issued and rarely ever updated, perfect diagram is continuously updated with new facet arrangements. As a laboratory that issues reports on not only diamonds but also color I would be lost with out it. Perfect Diagram imports easily into all word processing programs and is extremely easy to navigate through as well as to mix and match crown and pavilion diagrams.

I highly recommend this product to anyone in the industry for appraisal and laboratory work.

Charles M. Ellias GG ISA CAPP President - North American Lapidary Laboratory


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