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One of the areas that I always read is the question and answer area of a product's website. Why? Because I often have questions and they are usually answers already on the website. That helps me decide if a product is for me.

Therefore, I included one here. As I get questions from telephone calls, emails and other means, I will try to add them to this list.


      • Can I use Perfect Diagram on a Mac computer?

We have users who own Mac computers that use Perfect Diagram. Then again, we have those who could not get their computer to recognize the drawings. It depends on what software you have. If you have Word for Windows® then it will most likely work for you. Download a set of samples and try them to know for sure.

      • How much space do the drawings need?

They are small. Most drawings average around 1K in size!


      • I tried opening one of the drawings and all I saw was a garbled batch of letters, numbers and symbols. Why?

The drawings are graphics not a text message. Therefore, you have to open a document and then insert a drawing through the menus. Seek the instructions under "How To" in the menu, called "Samples' Directions."

      • I managed to insert a diagram into my document but it seems a bit jagged. I thought you said the drawings were crisp. Is this what they will look like?

No. When you print them - unless you have a very old or low quality printer - the results will be crisp and sharp. That is why we included a Word® document with drawings inserted - so you can print them to see the quality before you download and install the samples.

      • Can the drawings be sized larger or smaller? Will this distort them or lower their quality?

No. The files are in a vector format (mathematically drawn each time they are resized). You will notice that the thickness of the lines does not vary from thick to thin but remains the same. Files that paint programs create are in a rastor format. That means they are made form pixels. Rastor files seldom retain their proportional integrity if resized.

      • I need to use a diagram within a paint program - will one of the diagrams in Perfect Diagram work?

Most paint programs do not handle a vector file. The technique of copy and paste (Windows®) most likely will ruin the drawing. However, depending on the program's ability to import files, you might be able to accomplish importing a diagram successfully.

      • Is there a way to use a program to add the green and red plotting marks in a diagram?

We have researched which programs have this ability but we are aware that some users can digitally plot using our diagrams.


      • I have Quantum Leap appraisal software - can I add Perfect Diagram to it?

Absolutely. Take the menu link "Acquiring," then "Our Resale Partners" and finally "Quantum Link." If you have their software, then purchase Perfect Diagram from them. They have a forum for the software and Perfect Diagram was mentioned favorably - see for yourself at

      • I have appraisal software, but not Quantum Leap, will it work for me?

Not likely. We have only an agreement with Quantum Leap.

      • I have Wordperfect® - can I use Perfect Diagram?

Yes. You need to read the manual for instructions on inserting a graphic into a document. Download the samples and try it.


      • I have two computers, do I need to purchase a second set or license for the extra computer?

No. We allow a purchaser to install Perfect Diagram and a desktop and one laptop - providing that the same user owns and uses both.


      • If I need a diagram and it is not in the 1500 current gallery, can I submit a drawing and get one?

We will add it to the next upgrade. If you need it immediately then we can arrange a rush fee.


      • I have a version that is not current. How do I get an upgrade? Also, what does that cost?

We are currently offering free upgrades until version 3.0. You need to contact us and arrange a download. If you need a CD sent, then there will be a $35 fee.

Diagrams' Style:

      • Why do most of the drawings have numbers instead of names?

We found that the same diagram had several names. Therefore, it became easier to number drawings than spend time researching the validity of names. Also, many wildcat, custom or seldom seen diagrams did not have names to use.

      • Why don't the diagrams have side profiles?

Firstly, the diagrams are not meant for cutting. Unlike lapidary publications with top, bottom and side profiles that have angles for reproducing a cut - our diagrams are meant only for plotting. To gain the trust of cutters, we decided not to include the side profiles.

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